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Hire Houston Santa Claus
You can rent Santa Claus for your next Christmas Holiday Festival.

Hire Santa Claus to make a visit at the Corporate Christmas party or have a  Holiday office party lunch with Santa Claus in the office with photos. Houston Santa Claus does provide private home visits and block parties and will arrive on a real red fire truck. Houston Santa Claus will arrive by a real red fire truck with lights and sirens for your Holiday Event. Everyone will know your getting a special visit from the North Pole with the Big man himself. The red fire engine will park at your event with a fire fighter standing by with the fire truck to escort Santa Claus from the event. Santa Claus will take everyone on the fire truck for a ride to look at the Christmas lights in the area. Santa Claus can make a grand parade with a fire truck for your event or home Christmas Festival .


Santa Claus is Spotted in Houston, Texas on a red Fire Truck
Rent a Houston Santa Claus for a Holiday Festival or Home visit.
Breakfast with Santa Claus at home , schools, hospitals, office
Photos with Santa Claus; private home visits; malls; stores; schools;


Real Professional Santa Claus For hire in Houston, Texas ;  
Rent a Santa Claus for your own Christmas Holiday Event.    


1 Hour with Santa Claus


($75 / Hour after first hour)

Add Mrs. Santa Claus $125/Hour
Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Mascot $150/Hour
Elf $125/Hour
Frosty The Snowman Mascot $150/Hour
Holiday Face Painter (2 Hour Minimum) $125/Hour
1 Hour with Fire Truck (2 Hour Minimum) $200/Hour
Santa Claus arrival with Fire Truck and Meet and Greet (2 Hours) $650
Breakfast and Photos with Santa Claus and Fire Truck (2 Hours) $650
Fire Truck at Business or Residential Party

Santa Claus

Fire Truck

Choice of Mascot (Fire Dog or Fire Bear)

2 Hours

Imagine the faces on your childrens face when santa arrives via fire engine



Company Holiday Parties
School Visits 
Gift Delivery
Trade Shows
Mall   Santa
Church Fairs
Tree Lighting
Toy Stores
Home Visits
Holiday Party
Chirstmas Eve Visits
Lunch By Santa
Breakfast With Santa
Snow Making
Fire Truck Rides
Train Rides
Show Rooms
Department Store


Hire the best authentically attired  Santa Claus with his luxurious red suit, shiny black boots, wide black leather belt with SC on the gold and silver belt buckle, full white beard, warm smile with a  twinkle in his eye and a bowl full of jelly. When traveling outside of the North Pole Santa Claus will use a real attired fire truck to arrive for the Holiday Christmas Festivals or the mall department stores.While Santa is in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land or The Woodlands he will some times call upon a red fire truck for his special travel request to arrival for his appearance.Enjoy a Christmas party at home with family and friends and a special visit from Saint Nick with a fire truck parked in the front of your event. Adults and kids love a real fire truck with a fire fighter to answer questions about the fire service and the type of trucks they have in service. Take photos with Santa on the fire truck with everyone for memories to last a life time.Ride along with Santa on the fire truck to view Christmas lights in your area while the group is signing "MERRY CHRISTMAS". Looking for help renting holiday theme moonwalks, bounce house slide or hire a circus clown,  the best affordable face painter for a car dealership show room and need to have a snow making party with elves and Mrs. Claus, sparky the fire dog mascot, fire bear mascot, mobile hot dog catering street cart and truck vendor.Rent A Santa by fire truck books events from Thanksgiving Through Christmas Eve with special visits by Santa Claus for office parties, show room photos with Santa, department store promation, home visits, Christmas Eve gift delivery by the North Pole Express with lights and sirens sounding over the loud air horns blasting in the night as the  red engine makes the last turn onto your street, spot lights of the engine light up your house. Santa will call out over the public address micaphone to let everyone know special visit from the North Pole. As the fire truck leaves your home out over the PA comes Santa one more time: " Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night".




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